Intelligent Injection Robot for Pig

K2 automatic injection robot, according to the path planned by the computer, according to the shape and posture of the pig, using a variety of sensors to sense and analyze the pig and the surrounding environment, automatically identify/target the injection area, precise control of the dose, can continuously drive the robot arm to sterilize the pig and inject vaccine. After the injection, the robot automatically changes the needle and automatically recovers the used needle. The above actions are repeated in the injection process of the second and subsequent pigs, and the rapid injection of all pigs in the pig farm is finally completed. The whole injection process is digitized without manual participation, and vaccine injection information can be recorded for each pig to realize information management.

Functional Characteristics
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With the development of modern agriculture and standardized production of breeding industry, scale management is an inevitable trend. Taking science and technology as the support of agricultural breeding and focusing on large-scale pig farmers, K2 has launched an automatic injection robot to realize automatic disinfection and vaccine injection for pigs. At the same time, it can combine with the environmental control equipment of the breeding farm to realize the intelligent production and scientific management of livestock and poultry breeding, and accelerate the process of smart agriculture and digital countryside.

Prevent Cross-infection of Infectious Diseases

At present, pig vaccine injection is mainly based on the artificial method of double cooperation. In order to prevent cross-infection of infectious diseases, each completed injection of a pig pen requires staff to disinfect the whole body, change protective clothing and shoe covers, etc. For farmers with more than 1,000 heads in stockpiles, vaccine injection is laborious, time-consuming and inefficient.

Operable Method

In view of the development of agriculture under the new situation, the development idea of integrating teaching and research is closely centered. K2's newly developed auto-injection robot combines artificial intelligence machine learning, machine vision image processing, multi-sensor fusion and robot control, which is operable and conducive to establishing the concept of future smart agricultural development.

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