K2 TECH Group Building Mountaineering Activities.

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From July 29th to 30th, K2 TECH organized employees to visit Anji Luniao Mountain, one of the top 10 mountain peaks in Hangzhou, to carry out group building mountaineering activities.


The team participating in the hiking is like a long dragon walking briskly along the designated route. Everyone is full of energy and enthusiasm, walking with sonorous steps amidst the sound of music, forming a beautiful scenery line.

The hiking route is 7 kilometers long, starting from Luniao Mountain, passing through Qizigang, and ending at Luoyao Wu. The entire hiking route is embedded in green mountains, strolling in a sea of white clouds.

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After about two hours, arrive at the resting place on the mountaintop. The mountain breeze blew in gusts, drying the sweat left during the climbing process. We looked around and saw all the beautiful scenery in the mountain, full of pine and verdant trees, which were particularly touching.


On the 30th, K2 TECH Mid Year Summary and Welcome Conference was held at Anji Meilin Resort. The meeting began with a speech from the general manager. He mentioned that the significance of holding the mid year conference is to connect the past and the future, summarize and then start, summarize the work of the first half of the year, praise and praise outstanding employees, and mobilize and encourage the good expectations of the second half of the year.



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