Machine vision will set off a new storm in the field of intelligence

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  With the outbreak of artificial intelligence, machine vision, one of the representative technologies, is expected to usher in greater development and set off a new storm in unmanned stores, automatic driving and robotics.
  The current machine vision technology has infiltrated our daily lives, from the mobile phone facial APP face recognition, face album classification, Alipay face recognition authentication, lockers face recognition, and industrial robots accurately grasp the object Take, logistics robot obstacle avoidance, etc. are the use of computer vision technology.
  Machine vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that is rapidly evolving. In simple terms, machine vision is to use the machine instead of the human eye to make measurements and judgments. Machine vision system is through the machine vision products (ie, image capture device) will be taken into the target image signal is transmitted to a dedicated image processing system to get the morphological information of the target, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, change Into a digitized signal.
  Machine vision technology is a combination of software and hardware, the main components include cameras, cameras, image sensors, visual processing and communications equipment. The complete system captures images of any object and analyzes them according to different parameters of quality and safety.
  With the artificial intelligence industry heating up, the machine vision industry is expected to move towards a new stage of development and the market scale will accelerate its expansion. According to the "Industry Outlook of China"s Machine Vision Industry and Investment Analysis Report," according to the Prospect Industry Institute, in recent years, the global machine vision industry has been booming. In 2015, the global market for machine vision systems and components reached 4.2 billion U.S. dollars and the market is expected to reach 2018 Scale will exceed 5 billion US dollars.
  In the automated manufacturing process, machine vision systems are commonly used in many fields such as condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control. At present, 2/3 of the mid-market of machine vision products is occupied by electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and municipal transportation. The rest of the market share includes the needs of industries such as food, packaging machinery and printing, and the demand for machine vision products in these industries is still growing rapidly .
  From the industry point of view, the electronics manufacturing industry is still the main factor driving demand. However, from the perspective of future development, the automation level of food and packaging machinery industries will be further enhanced, and the demand for machine vision products is worth the wait.
  With the rapid demise of China"s demographic dividend, many enterprises will face further problems such as increased labor costs, inefficient production, shrinking profit margins, slow changes in innovative thinking and uncertain prospects. The industry urgently needs to find a new growth engine.
  Although the development of machine vision industry there are three major drivers, one is the application of space for a wide range of needs, and second, cost-saving push, and third, technology-driven.
  However, at present, the rapid development of visual technology in global users still lacks matching cognition, and the development of the industry inevitably faces challenges. Currently, the main obstacles to the application of machine vision products in the Chinese market are: budget constraints, difficult to use, resource constraints of engineering implementation, operator acceptance, visual technology understanding, and lack of priority relative to other automation projects.
  In fact, machine vision technology is very reliable in solving complex industrial tasks. Moreover, industrial machine vision systems are more robust, stable and accurate than ordinary vision systems used in institutions or educational establishments. The media expects these factors will make the technology more adaptable in the industrial sector. In addition, due to the use of machine vision systems in the industrial field, more and more other technologies are also being sought to be integrated with them to reinforce the booming market for machine vision technology.
  The development of machine vision technology can be described as mixed, on the one hand is a powerful three drivers, on the other hand it is a "stumbling block" that development must face, opportunities and challenges for companies that have deep plowing the industry co-exist , Can be based on the field, companies still have to work under foot.
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