Starting from the core, Zhi-made forward

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  Send cool autumn, Tianshan sword! Kang Shida Technology will be held on September 20, 2017 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, "starting from the core, Zhizao forward" machine vision products new conference.
  Machine Vision background introduction
  In some not suitable for manual work in hazardous work environments or artificial vision difficult to meet the process, engineering requirements of the occasion, the commonly used machine vision to replace artificial vision. In high-volume industrial production process, using artificial visual inspection of product quality and low efficiency and accuracy is not high. Use machines to replace the human eye, with high efficiency, high precision, no eye fatigue and so on.
  At present, with the continuous development of industrialization and artificial intelligence, it is a continuous development trend for machines to replace people to complete various tasks in the factory production process.
  Comsta introduced K-U67MV, a Sky Lake-U low-power and high-performance machine vision solution
  Machine vision system generally consists of: industrial cameras, special lenses, light sources, processing platforms and other components. Which processing platform, can be a dedicated low-power embedded programs, it can be a powerful X86 IPC.
  Shenzhen Kang Shida Technology to meet market demand introduced based on the latest X86 processing platform Sky Lake-U"s machine vision processing solution K-U67MV.
  The program uses low-power, high-performance Sky Lake-U processor, TDP 15W machine can be sealed with a better fanless thermal design to suit a variety of environmental requirements. K-U67MV supports four Intel Gigabit POE network ports, supports 802.3af standard, the maximum output power of 15W, can be accessed by four-way GibE industrial cameras for image acquisition input.
  Factory production, product quality testing of products, through labor prone to prolonged production, workers reduce the efficiency of fatigue. Or the product testing standards in the manual test, subjective factors lead to poor quality standards. K-U67MV-based automatic machine pick the system can be a good solution to this problem.
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